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2R-Visions, Aim Engineering’s German predecessor, was established in Germany in 1994.  Patents for 3R-UNIMAT®, DUSTEX® and DR. TERMITE® were secured and all three products were successfully marketed worldwide. In 2004, inventor Gunther Berg founded Aim Engineering in the United States and brought his German-born products with him. Aim Engineering, envisions, invents, designs, markets, sells and distributes innovative award-winning products that positively enhance or transform the image of environments in both the private and public sectors.  Commercial and residential dwellings located in every part of the world are currently reaping the benefits of Aim Engineering’s products and services.   

The 3R-UNIMAT® wheelchair tire cleaner, enables wheelchair users to easily and efficiently clean the tires of their wheelchairs and began winning awards for innovation and product design from the German government and the media in 1994.  Upon the heels of the unprecedented success of the wheelchair tire cleaner, DUSTEX® was invented.  DUSTEX® is a self-cleaning doormat that rotates at a slow, imperceptible speed via a belt drive.  There is no other product on the market like DUSTEX® its patented technology ensures that your mat is clean and dry in just seconds. Aim Engineering’s third invention, DR. TERMITE® is a safe and effective contact-free, chemical-free and heat-free mold and insect exterminator that eliminates destructive insects and mold/fungus on treasured heirlooms, antiques and historical buildings. 

The worldwide market prominence of Aim Engineering’s products incited a U.S. partnership between Aim Engineering, EMCO and FLOCOFLEX.  EMCO mat systems are known worldwide for performance (3-zone cleaning), design function and use of high quality materials.  Architects on every continent have used EMCO mats to create signature entrances for magnificent structures. EMCO’s barrier-free, overflow gratings not only ensure clean, safe and dry environments but also masterfully and beautifully enhance the design of swimming pools and shower areas.

FLOCOFLEX® is a portable floor-covering system.  Granite tiles are treated with a patented material that renders the tiles absolutely weatherproof so the tiles will not crack. The treated granite tiles are railed in aluminum and placed on top of an existing substructure but remain independent of the substructure.  FLOCOFLEX floor-covering systems are perfect for outside decks, porches, patios, balconies and walkways.

The products invented, marketed and sold by Aim Engineering are excellent tools for architects and renovators as they provide creative design solutions and positively affect the image and efficiency of structures such as airports, municipal buildings, train stations, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, museums and shopping centers.



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