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Our barrier free shower and barrier free toilet assists the physically challenged, elderly, disabled and handicapped individuals to utilize bathroom showers and toilets facilities on their own, and in private. Hospitals, nursing homes, elder care facilities, assisted living facilities, and all other businesses which cater to wheelchair-bound people will appreciate the 3R-UNIMATE, a wheelchair tire cleaner which helps keeps business floors clean and dry, resulting in a safer environment for all.

Barrier Free Shower


An EMCO barrier-free shower area is critical when building homes for the elderly or disabled. Cover gratings installed with a tiled drained channel, results in a safe and simple way of meeting all requirements of a barrier-free shower area. Learn more.




You will have everything under control with EMCO safety accessories in your bathroom. Functional lines in uniform design add beauty to your bathroom. Everything in your bathroom will run a little bit more smoother with EMCO products. Learn more.

Wheelchair Tire


The 3R-UNIMAT® wheelchair tire cleaner brushes sand and small stones off the tires of wheelchairs. This device is easy to use and it dramatically reduces scratches on polished, high quality surfaces of floor coverings, such as marble and hardwood floors.

Wheelchair Tire Cleaner


During wet weather periods wheelchair users leave tracks of water on the floor coverings of clinics, thus increasing the danger of slipping for visitors and patients. Eliminate wet floors with the 3R-UNIMAT®.


+ EMCO barrier-free showers and toilets give users a sense of security while still maintaining their privacy.

+ Eliminate wet floors with our wheelchair tire cleaner, the 3-R UNIMATE ®. Cleaned entrance areas and floors of hospitals, clinics and stores stay clean for a much longer period of time using our wheelchair tire cleaner.



Recommended for the Worldwide Project EXPO 2000.

At the Metrade the Homecare magazine awarded the title "Hot Product 1996" to the 3R-UNIMAT®

The 3R-UNIMAT® received a special award for its elegant and ingenious construction at the Exhibition of Workshops for Handicapped.



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