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Aim Engineering LLC, located in Plymouth, Wisconsin, offers entrance mats, self-cleaning mats, flooring systems, wheelchair tire cleaners, barrier-free bathrooms and pool gratings to architectural firms and businesses interested in installing products which enhance safety and usability in buildings. In addition, we offer a specialized service of contact-free mold and insect extermination for historical landmarks and artifacts.


Successfully used in Europe, Emco mats, Dustex self-cleaning mats, Dr. Termite mold and insect control and Floco-Flex flooring systems are now available for purchase for the first time in the United States! These products have proven their longevity and effectiveness. More info.



Dustex® is a self-cleaning mat, invented by Aim Engineering, cleans shoes and the wheels of shopping carts, wheelchairs, gurneys, etc. The mat rotates at a slow, imperceptible speed via a belt drive. Two cleaning mechanisms work at the same time, removing dirt and liquid.  The liquid is removed by combining heat and suction, while dirt is removed via a rotary brush roller.


With the Emco 3-zone cleaning system, up to 90% of grime and dampness are absorbed when entering the building. Our entrance mats are commonly used at airports, train stations, office buildings, hotels, public buildings, museums and shopping centers.


Emco overflow gratings collects all water pouring over from the pool and provides absolute safety and hygiene. It is a pleasant surface to walk on and blends harmoniously with pool systems. They have been successfully integrated in public and private swimming pools for over 20 years.


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Aim Engineering LLC, located in Plymouth, Wisconsin, is proud to be the official U.S.A. distributor for Emco Mats and Floco-Flex Flooring products. We are also the inventor and distributor of Dr. Termite® (mold and insect exterminator), 3R-Unimat® (wheelchair tire cleaner) and Dustex® (self-cleaning mat).


3R-UNIMAT (Wheelchair Tire Cleaner)

Eliminate wet floors with 3R-Unimat®, our wheelchair tire cleaner. It keeps entrance areas and floors of hospitals, clinics and stores cleaner and dryer.


Our barrier-free shower and barrier-free bathroom systems aid the elderly or disabled who have difficulty using standard bathroom facilities. Learn more.


Invented by Aim Engineering, Dr. Termite® is a contact-free method of removing mold and insects from historical buildings and artifacts. It uses high-frequency sounds waves to destroy all types of mold and insect infestations. Common infestations include: house longhorn beetle, old house borer, common furniture beetle, termites, wood worm, black mold, dry rot, blue-stain fungus, brown rot and white rot. Learn more.


FlocoFlex® is a unique flooring system that is easy to install and does not require jointing. The partially open and narrow joints, allow for immediate ventilation and optimal drainage. It is ideal and secure for use both outside and inside. After laying the floor, you may immediately walk on it!


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