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Invented by Aim Engineering, LLC, DR. TERMITE® is a safe and effective contact-free mold and insect exterminator that eliminates destructive insects and mold/fungus on treasured heirlooms, antiques and historical buildings. By using sonic waves to destroy insects and mold, DR. TERMITE is the ideal solution for a hazard-free pest control.

Exterminates Insects and Elimates Mold

DR. TERMITE exterminate all insects including such common pests as: wasps, beetles, spiders, termites, weevils, centipedes, mites, woodworms, borers, and ants. It also destroys black mold, dry rot and blue-stain fungus.

Dr. Termite Pest Control

100% Effective

DR. TERMITE is 100% successful in killing pests and eggs after 2-4 minutes of treatment. Unlike chemical treatment which is only about 70-80% effective and must be reapplied every 2 years. Eggs are not destroyed with chemical treatments. Fumigation is 100% effective only after 4 weeks of treatment. Learn More.


Dr. Termite Pest Control

Protects Heirlooms

Preserve precious heirlooms and historic buildings from termite, wood rot, mites and fungal damage with DR. TERMITE. Our product does not require heating the objects treated and it does not use any harmful chemical substances. Perfect for confined spaces, DR. TERMITE® can also be used in open air and on fixed and mobile objects. Learn More.


Dr. Termite Pest Control

Gets Rid of Pests

High-frequency waves will combat animal and vegetal pests within seconds without harming the surrounding material. When compared to the classic pest control methods available on the market today, DR. TERMITE treatments are proven to be more effective and cost-efficient. Say hello to DR. TERMITE and goodbye to termites, woodworm, dry rot and fungus. Learn More.



DR. TERMITE has successfully eliminated insects and mold/fungus from the wood, metal, stone, antiques and collectibles. Some of our projects included:

- Wood beam ceilings
- Marble
- Indian headdress
- Silk
- Coffer ceilings
- Wooden doors
- Indian jewelry
- Hardwood floors
- Furs
- Musical instruments
- Wooden furniture
- Books
- Stone sculptures
- Exotic wood
- Altars
- Masonry
- Tapestries
- Hides
- Burial objects


DR. TERMITE is used around the world. Below is a list of some of our satisfied customers:

Schloss Heinersdorf
Chinesisches Zimmer
Unteres Konzertzimmer
Instruments Museum
Plantin-Moretus Museum




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